Food pairing with cider

What’s the best thing about Summer?

Here at the brewery we think there’s not many things better than the British summer time. We may be in the middle of a glorious summer but no doubt when you think of our summer time you conjure up images of people walking around in too little clothing for the temperature, sitting in  beer gardens, the obligatory person moaning ‘it’s too hot’ and of course the first weekend of sun bringing the highly anticipated and hopefully one of many BBQ’s. There’s certainly not many better ways to spend the weekend than at a BBQ with friends/family and a nice cold beer or cider. 

Possibly the American author Susan Branch said it best..

I could never in a hundred summers get tired of this.

Speaking of ciders…

This fabulous bouquet of honeyed orchard fruits…

said no-one at your BBQ’s ever, but if like us you love cider, you will likely be thinking about which foods pair well with what ciders. Whilst there is no hard and fast rule some traditional food pairings come to mind. Pork and apple being one. This great combination is possibly due to the tartness of the apples which cuts through the full flavours of the pork in addition the sweetness counteracts some of the savoury.  If Pork chops are on the menu for your BBQ then consider enhancing them with a traditional still or lightly sparkling cider. 


Our Farmhouse cider is a great accompaniment for your pork as it is a rich lightly sparkling cider, with a some sweetness and a slightly tart finish. Also as long as it is served cold it can be enjoyed without ice. 

Another idea when pairing food is to stay within the same region, this is certainly easier when pairing wines with food due to sheer availability, but this idea can also be carried out with food and cider pairings, for example, pair Cheddar cheese with a Somerset cider. (Don’t know how that would work on a BBQ but you get the idea!) Our Ciders are made with Apples and Pears straight from a farm orchard in Herefordshire, therefore using the theory above why not pair one of our ciders with a burger from Hereford cattle. 

The Hereford is one of the oldest British Native Breeds of cattle, having roamed the pastures of the British countryside for many centuries.

It’s not just pork and beef which is enjoyed on the BBQ. Chicken is often another meat thrown on. If you go down this route and decide to marinate your chicken in any sauce with contains ginger why not try it with a pear cider? Whilst this may sound slightly bizarre the spiciness of the ginger pairs (no pun!) well with the pears in the cider due to similar characteristics. It goes without saying this cider has to be served with ice.

Finally we have dessert, and what is a more British summer time dessert than strawberries and cream. You don’t have to be a top chef to know this pairing is an easy choice, essentially any cider which contains strawberries.

Our Strawberry cider is a slightly sparkling sweet fruity cider with only a hint of tartness therefore put a bowl of sugar onto the table for people to sprinkle over their strawberries, as they may find the cider alone to be sweet enough, and again serve over ice.

Of course let’s not forget the WOW factor, why not add small cuts of relevant fruits to an ice tray, and freeze these in the water for another talking point (in addition to your amazing BBQ skills!)


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