Our collab with a talented bar manager.

Cocktails are all the rage, and rightly so!

There are some amazing cocktails out there from the classic (gin martini anyone?)  to the showstopping liquid nitrogen cocktails. 

A Chai gin cocktail was certainly on our ‘bucket list’ when launching our gins, we knew a bar person who is both knowledgeable and passionate about their trade was a must.
Martin the Bars Manager at Moddershall Oaks fit the bill perfectly.

Having tasted our Chai gin he wanted to create a cocktail which would not only be on trend but also highlight the unique botanicals present in chai gin. 

Needless to say we were intrigued and some of us went to Moddershall Oaks to sample his cocktails. For research purposes of course! 

Chai gin cocktail.

Martin came up with a beautiful Milk Punch.

The inspiration for this cocktail was that everyone can make it with very little fuss. All the ingredients can be found in your pantry and there is no need for any careful I might damage the house artistic flair!

An extra bonus is the whey created from the separation of the cocktail tastes amazing and can be used to make a grown up ice cream!


300ml Chai Gin

50ml Fresh Lemon Juice

100ml Sugar Water = equal parts sugar and water

200ml Whole Milk 

200ml Runny Honey

These ingredients do create a sweet cocktail, subtract or add lemon as required.



Combine Chai gin, lemon and sugar water into a bowl. 

Heat milk and honey until the milk is ‘rolling’ or 70c.

Add the milk and honey mixture to the gin, lemon and sugar, allow to sit for ten minutes.
Strain through a muslin cloth fixed over a jar, do not force through or squeeze, allow the mixture to separate naturally.
After the initial straining bottle mixture and keep in a cool area for two days, until sediment settles.

Pour gently, or through a coffee filter so as to not agitate.

Serve over a extra large ice cube. Garnish as required. (We love a rose garnish)


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