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Glorious Gold

Staffordshire Gold is a light, crisp refreshing beer which has a slightly hoppy taste with a floral aroma. 

Crafted in our brewery, in Leek, Staffordshire. 


Staffordshire Gold was inspired by our beautiful countryside, it is a beer which can be enjoyed with a countryside picnic, as it is simple and light enough to pair well with a selection of sandwiches and cakes.

Malt and Hops

This quality hand crafted ale is brewed the traditional way, and triple filtered for a clean crisp finish.

Crafted by combing a selection of three different malts, the predominant malt being a classic pale, which gives Staffordshire Gold a malty biscuit taste.

A larger ratio of hops to malts are added throughout the process. The main hop is the super high alpha: Columbus. Derived from the U.S. and known for it’s high earthy flavour with hints of liquorice and/or pepper. 

Best served at 8°c in either a conical or tulip glass. And at just 3.8% ABV you can feel guilt free.

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