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Focus on Rudyard Ruby

A lovely beer named after a lovely place

Staffordshire Brewery and Paper Mill Distillery are based in the Staffordshire Moorlands, giving us access to some fabulous areas for inspiration.

In fact, it is said our local lake not only inspired the name for our ruby ale but also the name for the poet Rudyard Kipling.

And when you look at the below image, it is easy to see why.

Beautiful summers day at Rudyard Lake, Rudyard, Leek Staffordshire, UK

Malt vs Hops

Our Rudyard Ruby ale is described as a malty ale, with a good mouthfeel.

This is thanks to the array of malts we use in the brewing process.

As per the standard brewing process we have a base malt (plus another secret malt) which gives the ale it’s overall ‘grain’ flavour and mouthfeel. 

Our crystal malt is then added to give the sweetness of caramelised sugars and our chocolate malt is added towards the end to intensify the sweetness which is complemented by a bitter toasted smoothness.

We always wanted our Ruby ale to be a traditional style ruby, therefore we include just one hop – columbus,  which is added for it’s liquorice and hoppy taste.


Rudyard Ruby Premium

This quality hand crafted ale is brewed the traditional way, and triple filtered for a clean crisp finish.  Best served at 8°c in either a conical or tulip glass. And at just 4.8% ABV you can enjoy two.

SB rudyard label over

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