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The making of beer…

It is thought that the first beers were made from Barley bread, brewed in Mesopotamia some 3000 years BC. 

Ever since then it has proved to be a popular past time.

It can certainly be said that the United Kingdom has taken to the brewing of beer extremely well. We produce some of the finest beers in the world. And we are blessed with excellent outlets to sample said beers.

Excitement and innovation…

One of the most exciting aspects of brewing beer is allowing innovation to shine through with the flavour profiles.  Some beers have such a weird combination of hops and flavourings it cannot in theory possible work, but upon tasting them it goes to show how weird can truly be wonderful.

Where to begin?

More often than not the budding brewer has visions of taking over the world with their beers. This has in fact happened to a select few. Often it is a combination of great beers (after many trials and errors), being in the right place at the right time and definitely a lot of hard work which have a great effect on the outcome of your brand. Not to mention beating stiff competition with a well thought out route to market plan.  

When our M.D. Adrian started brewing their was nothing like the number of brewers/businesses there is now. Like others before and after him Adrian started brewing in his back garden,  with the hope of creating well balanced traditional ales which would sell well on the local market stalls. Of course they did – we are still here selling the same beers now. But what Adrian learnt along the way he wanted to impart to others through the products and services his company sells.

We are able to help a wide variety of home brewers.

We have a selection of everyday essentials offering Next day delivery on our Staffordshire Brewery website in addition to smaller brewing equipment, such as a hand bottling machine. 

For those brewers who are now scouting the UK for contract services we offer contract bottling from as small as 800l.

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